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People often ask why do you only listen to female vocalists, and in particular female singer songwriters ?

The truth is that I don’t necessarily, there are many male vocalists whom I respect and enjoy, either for their vocal prowess or lyricism; but in fact few really grab me – or speak to me and often when I bought a record (yes… I am that old) or CD I was disappointed. I think the female point of view seemed to speak to me, some mysterious part of my psyche that is always trying to fathom things out.

When I was trawling second hand record shops and record fairs it fascinated me that “Female Vocal” would sometimes be filed on it’s own section next to “Folk”, “Country”, “70’s A – D etc….. as if “Female Vocal” were a style of music of it’s own. Kiki Dee would be next to Lulu next to Joni Mitchell.

I think that as an Englishman I appreciate the underdog, and in music, although over the years there have been surges of female singer songwriters which have caused peaks in popularity, on the whole they are under-rated. If I listen to Johnnie walker’s Sounds of the Seventies on Radio 2 (which I enjoy) you will only hear a cursory foray into the music of, for example Janis Ian.

So – I hope you will find some interest on this blog and attempt to try and track some of these unsung and under publicised artists down, some of whose music can be found cheaply and readily available through the likes of ebay.


Posted November 11, 2012 by songfromaseagull

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