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Ok – Yes, I know, this is a blog about Female Singer Songwriters and Margot Timmins isn’t; brother Michael writes 99% of the material, but I have always loved them, so for me she is an honorary singer songwriter, whilst not ever penning a line herself. In many ways the songs are hers, as much as Michael’s. I have seen The Junkies twice before, but the first time didn’t really enjoy them. Maybe the venue or the mix of music was wrong, who knows – anyway at this gig they were the best I have ever seen them. Margot’s stage presence was incredible, she really lived and expressed the emotions in the songs, far more than I remember before. Her vocals were unsurpassed. The band were cracking too, the 4 plus Jeff Bird. Some of Michael’s guitar solo’s were Hendrix-esque but he never moves from his seat, both he and Alan Anton on bass seem to possess such inner control.

The last 4 releases by them have been part of what they have called The Nomad series – 4 very different pieces of work with it’s own identity. A selection of these songs were showcased in the first half, and are listed here :

Wrong Piano

I Cannot Sit Sadly By Your Side

Stranger Here

See You Around

Square Room

3rd Crusade

Late Night Radio

Damaged From The Start


Margot was comically disparaging about them beforehand reassuring the audience that all the well known stuff would be in the second half. I was really pleasantly surprised by the material, only Square Room drifted a little for me, but opener Wrong Piano and 3rd Crusade were really blistering. I bought the CD box set at the stall in the interval, for a very reasonable £25. Sorry Air Canada, your extra baggage fees will be a little lower going home…..

The second half contained, although not in this order:

Sweet Jane

Spiral Down

Good Friday

Five Room Love Story

Working on a Building

‘Cause Cheap is How I Feel

Misguided Angel

Blue Moon Revisited

A Horse in the Country

Something More Besides You

A Common Disaster

My Little Basquiat

Don’t Let It Bring You Down (Neil Young cover and show closer).

I can’t remember the order these came in (!) sorry ! but it was a really wonderful show, each song a surprise as to what was coming next. Towards the end, a lady tried to get Margot’s attention to give her some roses, and I just thought Oh God, she ended up throwing them onto the stage and then tried to make her way back to her seat, but…..Margot had seen her, picked up the roses (holding them throughout Misguided which she sang next) then hugged and kissed the lady, and odd as this sounds, I found my eyes welling up, it was such a lovely moment.

I must make sure I don’t miss them next time they visit these fair shores.


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